Yes… I’ve bought my first Christmas tree. Never, ever had one before while living on my own (and this is the second extended period of alone-living I’m in in the last 20 years). But there’s actually space in the living room now for a five-footer, standing on a small table, with the lights built-in. Now, if only I had some decorations…

Me in October 1986. Note the neck, and single chin.

Well, it’s the European Day of Languages today, so…

Happy European Day of Languages!
Glücklicher europäischer Tag von Sprachen!
¡Día europeo feliz de idiomas!
Jour européen heureux des langues!
Giorno europeo felice delle lingue!
Dia europeu feliz das línguas!
سعيد اليوم من اللغات الاوروبيه.

All of which means… don’t trust Google to do your translating. Even I know some of those are wrong!